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  1. 香港陶笛文化協會的最新動態
  2. 香港專業陶笛表演:我們擁有多年陶笛公演的經驗,活躍於不同的電視電台節目、商場活動、慈善表演、大學巡迴表演、戲場現場配樂及音樂會等。為配合活動氣氛,我們更可安排兒童團體陶笛表演,或青少年團體陶笛表演。歡迎商業性質或非弁利團體邀請作專業陶笛表演、座談會、講座或訪問。
  3. 香港陶笛班課程:由陶笛兒童初級班到成人高級班,我們每個月均會不定期開展不同的新課程,有興趣報讀的人士,請密切留意網頁內的課程安排!為了鼓勵學員在陶笛之路繼續邁進,我們將邀請圓滿完成課程的優秀學員與導師們一起參與各種專業公演以一展所長。
  4. 香港陶笛銷售:我們已和陶笛製造商展開合作,以十分優惠的價錢售賣各款不同種類的陶笛,成為了香港唯一一間專門售賣不同品牌陶笛的專賣店,觀迎參觀選購!


    Hong Kong Ocarina Cultural Association

    Founded in: 2001

    Mission: We aim at facilitating ocarina education, art activities and music research. We look forward to collaborating with ocarina musicians and music groups. We hope that by doing so, the ocarina will become more popular in Hong Kong and it will broaden young people’s horizons and art standard.

    Email: hkoca@ymail.com

    Website: http://www.a-origin-music.com/hkoca

    By browsing our website, you will gain the following information:

    1. The updates of Hong Kong Ocarina Cultural Association

    2. Professional ocarina performance: We have years of experience in performing music on the ocarina in public, such as television and radio programs, shopping mall activities, charity shows, universities, live incidental music in theatres, concerts and so on. To match with the atmosphere of a specific activity, we can also arrange kids or teenagers to perform the ocarina in groups. We welcome invitations from commercial or non-profit-making organizations to perform the ocarina, give seminars or talks, or be interviewed.

    3. Ocarina courses: We offer a wide range of courses, from kids to adults and from beginners to advanced learners. If you are interested in learning the ocarina, keep an eye on the COURSE page of this website. Besides, in order to encourage learners to do better, we will invite outstanding learners to participate in public performance with the instructors.

    4. Selling the ocarinas: As the only ocarina shop in Hong Kong, we have collaborated with ocarina manufacturers to offer a good deal on different types of ocarinas. Come to visit us and choose your ocarina!

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